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Jordan Paris is a podcast host,  entrepreneur, and author featured in Forbes,  Entrepreneur, and other publications.

Jordan Paris is a podcast host,  entrepreneur, and author featured in Forbes,  Entrepreneur, and other publications.

Jordan’s first podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #6 in Apple’s Self-Improvement category, #3 in the Training category, #5 in the How-To category, and #15 in the ultra-competitive Education category. On the show, Jordan interviewed some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, authors, and other influential thought leaders. Then, Growth Mindset University grew up, evolving into The Jordan Paris Show, where Jordan discusses current affairs and conservative values while debunking a wide range of idea pathogens.

Jordan is also the founder and creative director of Trend Up Media, a one-stop podcast agency that produces podcasts to help businesses grow in both profit and influence.

His approach to life and business is simple yet powerful: Don’t make a living, design a life. With this creator’s mentality, Jordan has been able to produce outstanding results for himself and challenge others to rise above circumstances, break the mold of society, and take control of their lives.

Hi, I’m Jordan.

Right here is where I used to have a fancy bio written in the third-person to make myself sound grandiose. If you want that, visit my about page.

I’m over that now. This is more authentic to who I really am. So, here it goes:

I’ve been interviewing people on podcasts since my sophomore year of college. The original podcast was called Growth Mindset University. I interviewed all sorts of famous people. Billionaires. The most accomplished authors in the world. Pretty much everyone I looked up to in the self-help world. Oh, and a huge pornstar too.

You can listen to the show. It’s alright. Many people listened regularly and liked it, but I can sum it up for you: it’s just me asking trivial, cliché self-help questions while giggling along with people just because they have a blue checkmark on social media.

I would interview people sometimes only because of a blue checkmark. I was mesmerized by the thing. I was mesmerized by anyone with a hint of fame.

No disrespect to my guests and the great kindness many of them showed me, but I realized they were false prophets (The Bible warns us about false prophets). False Gods that were leading me astray. I really don’t blame them, though. Instead, I blame myself for seeing them as something they are not and never wanted to be seen as. I was too wrapped up in the social proof of it all; their fame made me look kinda sorta slightly famous (maybe? or so my own narcissism thought).

In fact, I got all the fake social proof: becoming a “best-selling” author by understanding Amazon’s algorithms to become #1 in an obscure subcategory of a category, striving for and getting a TEDx talk just because of the clout factor, lots of likes on social media (sometimes through engagement pods), and on and on. But I got over it.

In a world where things are getting tense, real issues are bubbling to the surface, and I now realize I must fight to keep my freedom, general self-helpy content from “influencers” is getting reallllyyyyy stale. Like, who cares? And I tend to think people can see through the fake social proof, easily, especially as more time goes on.

So, I moved on. My entire platform and my messaging changed. Growth Mindset University evolved into The Jordan Paris Show. On the show, I discuss current affairs and real-world issues with real people. Things that people actually care about. Things that aren’t trivial self-help nonsense. I’m politically incorrect and I make no apologies for it. Now, I wake up each day filled with purpose, and that is, of course, to fight to keep my/our freedom.

I also started a done-for-you podcast production company back in 2019 called Trend Up Media. That’s a lot of fun. I love what we do there. I love the people we get to work with and I love our team even more.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll enjoy the discussions on my show. Cheers!

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Jordan Paris turns political correctness on its head and makes no apologies for it. This is The Jordan Paris Show, a no BS podcast by Trend Up Media.


Thank you for dealing with the elephant in hundreds of rooms.

Mike via LinkedIn

Inspiring the Next Generation of Podcasters

How to Become a Rockstar Podcaster is Jordan’s flagship course that has (1) inspired countless people to start their own podcasts and (2) has been the catalyst for experienced podcasters to take their shows to the next level.

"I have to say that your video was easily one of the most transparent and helpful podcast walkthroughs I've seen. Picked up a lot of useful tactics (more than I originally thought I would)."

Ben Burman
Host of the Starting It Up podcast

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