14 Ways Dennis Yu Changed My Life In 6 Weeks

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14 Ways Dennis Yu Changed My Life In 6 Weeks

Mentorship has been a common topic in conversation on the Growth Mindset University podcast as of late.

I talked about it with Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael, Rachel Starr, and a few other people who’s episodes are not released yet.

I’ve had the good fortune of having several great mentors, including Brian Paris, Steve Jordan, and now Dennis Yu. Each of these fine gentlemen has served me in different capacities. Brian guided me in my personal growth early on and helped me find my first love: health and fitness. Steve was the bridge between a time of uncertainty and confusion in my life to a time of triumph, helping me to get started working for myself for the first time ever. Dennis has transcended my view of business and success.

I believe a good mentor is one of the major keys to growth. In this life, it is tough to take the journey alone. Together is better, at least for me.

It is shocking how drastically my life and business have changed in the past six weeks, in large part due to my new mentor, Dennis Yu. Here are just some of the ways he has changed my life thus far:

  1. He bought me a freaking iPhone XS Max the first day I met him.
  2. He forced me to start recording one-minute videos, which is why he bought me the iPhone, and I have seen my engagement, video views, and profile views, and leads on LinkedIn quadruple in the past few weeks.
  3. He made me see the difference between solopreneurs and full-scale agencies/process-driven businesses.
  4. He has been helping me build a process-driven business and stayed up until 4 AM with me one night to sketch out on paper all of my new business processes. By the end of the long night, we had a plan to execute with little guesswork for me, and he’s been there for me every step of the way.
  5. He has temporarily made his team be my team. I cannot even begin to tell you some of the things they have been doing and putting together for me (and the time they have saved me) the past 6 weeks.
  6. He has saved me decades of trial, error, and frustration. The things that he has taught me in business and marketing would have taken me decades to figure out without him.
  7. He took my interview with James Altucher to the next level. He brought two of his video cameras, so we had three video cameras set up for the interview. As if that wasn’t enough, he took his iPhone XS Max and made that a moving fourth camera, snapping some incredible pictures and videos from all over the room. He made it look cinematic and I cannot wait to see the final product that his team puts together. Stay tuned, interview drops July 1.
  8. He taught me the importance of sending gratitude to my important connections and people who have helped me out along the way. For example, we sent a lock to Dan Lok last month before my show with him with a note that said, “Hey Dan, I’m so glad to have our podcast on LOCK for May 9th. I’d LOCK to see the look on your face when it hits 100,000 views. Talk soon.” This month, as a thank you, we sent him socks with his face all over them from BlitzGifts.com. We even incorporate “gratitude” into my business operations each week, which includes writing LinkedIn recommendations, sending short videos expressing gratitude, and more. The day I met Dennis, he had me send gratitude videos to my friends Heather Monahan and Jeremy Ryan Slate, and they absolutely appreciated the videos. This morning, I spent over $100 sending Amazon gift cards to four different people who were instrumental in making sure this past weekend with James Altucher went well. This was a no brainer to do.
  9. He multiplied my knowledge of Facebook ads by ten.
  10. With the Facebook ad and video strategy he helped me implement, my Facebook page likes have nearly doubled in the past month.
  11. He let me in on the secrets that influencers know that ordinary “public figures” and wannabe famous types do not know. He manages the social media marketing strategies of the world’s most well-known 7-figure entrepreneurs, including Ed Mylett, with unprecedented results. He knows a thing or two, so I listen to him.
  12. He taught me the value of perceived authority and how to generate it.
  13. He taught me the importance of delegating repeatable processes to others.
  14. He made me realize the specific impact I want to have in the world, and that is to impact just one person in the manner he has done for me over the past 6 weeks.

This list can go on forever, and with each passing week, I’m sure there will be a few more things I can add to this.

p.s. Dennis Yu, the CEO of BlitzMetrics (a digital ad agency with 50+ employees and perhaps the most process-driven business I have ever seen), is a future guest on the show, of course. We recorded an interview in beautiful Central Park in New York City on a sunny Saturday morning this past weekend. The episode will likely drop on July 8.

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  1. This is beautiful. Gratitude multiplies and it is what bring us back to the present. Gratitude is my daily mantra ! Keep rocking Jordan! Karo.

    1. Absolutely agree!

      p.s. I was just about to write “Keep rocking, Karo” since that is usually my thing but you said it too haha

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