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What could you do with 15 additional sales appointments per month? Jordan's agency, Trend Up Media, has a product called Autopilot that, well, books appointments for you on Autopilot. Learn more at TrendUp.Media.

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Receive guidance on how to write and publish your book by the end of the month, how to start a podcast and establish a runway for success, personal branding, or how to build a process-driven business.


Jordan will engage and inspire your audience by telling a story from the heart rather than speaking from the head. Make no mistake, when Jordan shows up, he makes you look awesome for bringing him in.

Frequently asked questions

Trend Up Media is an agency specializing in lead generation, offering only one product: Autopilot. Visit Trend Up Media at https://TrendUp.Media or book a free consultation at https://TrendUp.Media/consultation

Took action without thinking about it!

I wish I could but I cannot donate 30 minutes to everyone who asks 🙁 Please see for podcast interviews and articles or contact me for paid consulting.

My guests have been widely recognized for doing meaningful work. Guests include Mark Manson, Grant Cardone, Ryan Serhant, Dean Graziosi, Dan Lok, Dan Millman, James Altucher, Kevin Rudolf, Jordan Harbinger, David Meltzer, etc. If your credibility stacks up to the guests mentioned, then apply at

See for a brief overview or for a collection of 70+ interviews.

Please email with details of your inquiry.

Sure. @TheJordanParis on Instagram. See the footer of for all social handles.

Well, I get endless pitches and end up answering almost none but you can certainly try.

Yes. I can always use more help with Trend Up Media.

While flattering, it never works out when someone comes to me and says, “I’ll do anything to help you. Where do you need help in your business?” I’ve been given a homework assignment; I now have to figure out what that person is good at and match that with something I need.

Instead, reach out with a specific idea of how you can help and you will get noticed!


IDK. Just did it.

The Buzz

"Jordan Paris is making waves in the entrepreneurship community."
"Jordan brings out the best in people and in my case it was a best I didn’t know I had."
Dr. Mark Goulston
Best-Selling Author of Just Listen


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