Why I Started Growth Mindset University (Video)

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People always ask me when and why I decided to start the Growth Mindset University podcast.

I actually have no clue when or why I started it. There was no “aha” moment.

I simply decided without hesitation. I took imperfect and started growing as I was going.

I believe making decisions without hesitation is critical to success because the Goddess of Good Luck favors men and women of action (from The Richest Man In Babylon).

The more time I have to think about something, the more likely I am to overthink it and probably blow it if I haven’t already talked myself out of it.

When I decide to approach someone I want to talk to and get to know, I do so without hesitation.

Years ago, when I decided to start a blog site, I did so without hesitation.

When I decided to get my NASM certification, I did so without hesitation.

When I decided to write a book, I did so without hesitation.

When I decided to master how to develop a website with WordPress, I did so without hesitation.

Are you utilizing your power of decision to the fullest extent or are you waiting for the stars to align before you embark on the work of your life?

Is the Goddess of Good Luck favoring you?

Check out this video.


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