Why Formal Education Is A Huge Scam (8 Videos, 1 Podcast)

Why Formal Education Is A Huge Scam

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This is an emotionally charged cause for me, one that’s gained incredible traction over the course of 2019 and has been featured in LinkedIn’s News story, “Is a degree still worth it?”

Some disagree, but the overwhelming majority agree that education must evolve. What doesn’t need to evolve? Entire species have died out because they did not evolve or adapt. For example, the dodo bird never learned to fear humans, so they became extinct. If someone from 1900 were to time travel to 2019, the only thing they would recognize is our education system. Should education be exempt from the need to evolve and adapt? I think not.

A college degree is merely a receipt. It is proof of conforming to societal norms.

Young adults are saddled with more student loan debt than ever ($37,000+ on average). Total student loan debt is up to $1.6 TRILLION.

As a result, young adults nowadays are having fewer kids and buying homes less often, even though they want to do these things.

Colleges are richer than ever, constructing tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new buildings, stadiums, and rec centers (sound familiar, Florida Gulf Coast University?). This is funded by our student loan debt.

The material and syllabi are decades outdated.

Grades are an illusion.

Cheating is rampant.

Many (not all) of the professors have not done the thing they are teaching (or merely reading word for word from McGraw-Hill‘s generic, outdated, cookie-cutter slides).

Schools are teaching worthless degrees (liberal arts, gender studies (!), entrepreneurship, etc.) and charging six figures for them, preparing us for jobs that either don’t exist or won’t exist very soon (robots are becoming the new middle class).

Here is what we should be learning in school (LinkedIn post).

Hear my full case for why formal education is a huge scam on the Screw The Naysayers podcast with my friend Tim Alison.

Also, this topic has been discussed on the podcast countless times. Here are a few videos:


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