This Will Change the Way You View Relationships | A Clip from Mark Manson

Mark Manson Everything Is Fucked

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Mark Manson changed the way I look at relationships in under 60 seconds.

You used to have to go out, walk up to somebody, and talk to them if you wanted to meet people.

Now, we swipe through Tinder within the comfort of our own homes.

Tinder and other dating apps have made it easier to meet people than ever, and there is a myriad of options.

However, the problem with that is the technology has created a paradox of choice where there are so many opportunities connect with all types of people, so nobody wants to commit and sacrifice the other options.

It’s that sacrifice that generates a sense of meaning and value.

So, when all of our technological innovation is geared towards making everything simpler where nobody has to sacrifice anything, we end up with people who have existential crises.

Do you resonate with this? Does sacrifice generate a sense of meaning and value, or does it not matter whether you make sacrifices to get something or not?

Episode 99 of the Growth Mindset University podcast with Mark Manson is a must-listen for anyone living in today’s world! Hear it at



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