The Level 10 Experience

Level 10 Experience

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What would it take for you to have a level 10 (out of 10, of course) experience in whatever you’re doing today?

I’m serious, what would it take? Even if it’s something you really don’t enjoy, what would have to happen to make this activity a level 10 experience?

On a macro level, this empowering question shapes the quality of all our experiences and our lives.

On a micro level, this empowering question can change the way we look at food. It certainly did that for me.

For instance, how can we make the experience of eating BROCCOLI a level 10 experience?

Honestly, that’s quite simple. Even though your usual experience of eating broccoli may only be a 3, we can get it to 10 easily.

What would it take for you to get that number to 5? Well, you might say you’ll just put some salt on it and that would do the trick. Next…

What would it take to get that number to a 7? Well, you might remember that your doctor told you to eat more vegetables and that this would be a healthy thing to do, so you feel a bit better about eating the broccoli.

What would it take to get that number to a TEN? Well, then you might think of it being fresh hot, maybe with black pepper, the salt, and some olive oil AND then you imagine the ripped abs you could have and the way this broccoli would make you feel after you ate it and the pounds you could lose… and at this point, the level 10 experience, you freaking love this broccoli. Pretty soon, you start linking pleasure to eating broccoli and it becomes a level 10 experience every single time because you imagine all the fantastic things it is doing for you.

On the flip side, you might be at a 10 for a burger with fries.

To get it to a ZERO, you might think of all the negative long-term health effects, you might imagine your arteries getting clogged up, and consequently, a heart attack. You might imagine the drugs, the antibiotics, and the abuse of cows that were involved in the making the burger.

Pretty soon, you’ll start linking immense pain to eating a burger and fries and it becomes unbelievably easy to cut the junk food and eat the healthy stuff, because you’ve utilized the power of linking pain to the things you shouldn’t do and linking pleasure to the things you should do.

For reading, whatever number you are at, to get to a level 10 you might imagine all the knowledge you can acquire and the amazing ways you can change the world when you couple this knowledge with action. You might imagine the lives you’ll change. When this happens, intense pleasure will be linked to reading.

You can even transform your day at work:

Let’s say you’re average experience is a 5. In your car, before you go into work, ask yourself what it would take to get to a 7 or an 8. You might say that it would get there if you felt productive, which means you know you want to get this project, that presentation, and that email done. Ok, great.

What would it take to get to a level 10? You might say that it would be a 10 if you were cheerful, friendly, and said good morning or hello to your co-workers. Maybe you’ll even start up a meaningful conversation with someone and maybe that co-worker turns into a friend, who knows? This would feel pretty good and you know this is what would make your day at work enjoyable.

You’ve set the intention, you know what you want to feel and you know what must be done.

You’ve designed your eating and health habits.

You’ve designed your day.

And the best part? You can design your entire life like this too

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