The Inevitability of Problems

problems are inevitable

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Problems, problems, and more problems.

We all have problems. You are no different. I am no different.

We never really get rid of these problems either. Some things are always going to suck. That’s reality. And the reality isn’t all that bad. Allow me to put this in perspective.

Striving to achieve a life free of problems and struggle is the beginning of delusion because, as mentioned, we don’t get rid of problems.

The person who eats like crap suffers from health and image problems while the person who does eat healthy suffers from the problem of missing out on pizza and french fries.

Maybe you’re single and the problem is that you feel lonely and the various complexities of the single life (I know this well!). Loneliness may indeed be a problem for some. But if you think you won’t have a whole new set of problems when you meet your partner, then you may be sorely mistaking. With a newfound partner, we may now complain of not getting enough sleep at night, having to eat out too much, coming up with new date ideas each week, and if we are really delusional (and most of us are) we might complain of not having enough alone time.

There are plenty of people that simply do not have the opportunity to go to school. These peoples’ problem is that they lack opportunity. But people that go to school have problems too. They complain of pointless busywork that does not apply to the real world, professors grading unfairly, and losing sleep to studying all night.

Entrepreneurs have far different problems from people who work for someone else. Vastly different, yet they both still have problems. However, I’ve chosen the problems of an entrepreneur because those problems are more fulfilling for me. I like the challenge. I like the struggle. I like that set of problems better.

In short:

  • The unhealthy person has problems. So does the healthy person.

  • The single person has problems. So does the person in a relationship.

  • The uneducated have problems. So do the educated.

  • People who work for someone else have problems. So do entrepreneurs.

Some sets of problems are better than others though. Some problems are more fulfilling than others. Challenges are part of life. Knowing that we cannot evade problems, all we have to do is choose which set of problems we want.

Life without problems would be boring anyway.

In any case, life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, old sport. Choose your struggle wisely.


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