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Praise for Jordan Paris

James Altucher

I've been on close to 300 podcasts other than my own. If there's a scale from 0-10 on interviewing skills, I've seen it all. I've been interviewed by 0s and by 10s. Jordan, you are a natural talent at this. I can't believe how young you are. You're going to be a great success at this and already are. It's such a pleasure to be interviewed by someone good and I had such a fun time. Thanks for having me on.

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Jordan Paris is making waves in the entrepreneurship community.

Naveen Jain

"You are an amazing interviewer so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are sincere and genuinely curious and that’s what makes you a great interviewer."

Rachel Starr

Wow! You've got a lot of ambition for a 21-year-old and you're super well-spoken. I'm blown away ... blown away!

bob burg

You’re a great host and terrific interviewer!! This young man is going places big-time!


Growth Mindset University is a burgeoning podcast hosted by a gregarious, curious, powerhouse named Jordan Paris. If you have not yet subscribed, I highly recommend it.

Dotsie Bausch


Vegan Olympian

mark g

Jordan brings out the best in people and in my case it was a best I didn’t know I had.

dan m

You ask great questions and are doing great work.

Carrick Felix

You're genuine, you're humble, you're who you say you are. It's amazing to see someone like yourself do something like this. You inspire me to move forward and do what I need to do.

ron c headshot

There are a lot of young guys out there who want to be the next Tony Robbins – inspiring the world, being motivational, energizing people. Many of them don’t realize that story is taken. But this fine young gentlemen is the real deal – he is owning HIS story, and he is going places.

Eric Hunley

Jordan is the future of podcasting. I am getting more and more impressed with Jordan all the time. He is an amazing young podcaster. I see how he does his homework with interviews and takes the time to listen when guests answer. Make sure that you subscribe now so you can say that you have been listening to one of the biggest podcasters from near the beginning.

tiffany pham

You're so special and I'm so excited to see all of the success you're going to have all throughout your life. You've already had success and you'll continue to have it because you have an intangible X-factor in you.

Hala Taha
As a fellow podcaster, I know talent when I see it! Jordan is an amazing host, and I am floored by his success at only 21 years old. This is someone we want to pay attention to over the next several years. Congrats on all your success and looking forward to see you rise!
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Many people often believe that a diploma or a relatively secure job will solve most of their problems, however, people like Jordan Paris know that this is simply not the case. Through his blog, book, and podcast, many perspectives are highlighted and each anecdote comes with a valuable lesson from someone who created their success with their own hands.


Jordan Paris has successfully accomplished more than most 21-year-olds in the world today. Not only is he a crazy-smart entrepreneur and inspiring author, he’s also the host of Apple’s #15 Education #podcast: Growth Mindset University.

Phillip Stutts


CEO of Win BIG Media

James Altucher

I have never seen such a well-prepared, young, hustling person like Jordan.

He really knows what he's doing.

I think this podcast is a huge success.

I've loved every episode I've watched.

He was a great interviewer of me.

He asked all sorts of questions nobody else has asked.

Watch the show.

Bogdan Padua

Jordan’s keen ability to prepare, ask great questions, and engage with his guests is world-class. Growth Mindset University is a MUST listen for anyone looking to improve the quality of their business and life!


"Jordan is a rising star in podcasting. Watch out for him."

Brian Ford

Brilliant. Jordan breaks down really difficult information in a clear and digestible way, and always has really good insights into difficult questions.


I look forward to seeing your growth and expansion over the years because I know how successful you're going to be. I appreciate you, Jordan.


You have a level of depth and maturity. At 21, I wish I knew a tenth of the stuff you know and a I wish I had a tenth of the confidence you have. I can only imagine where you're going to be by the time you're 41. You're going to absolutely smash it.