Surf's up!

There are 23 million estimated surfers around the world. The longest amount of time spent surfing one wave is 37 minutes. Will you catch the wave?


The first online surf training program

Surf Better in just 17 days with the SURF FIT™ Training Program,

Designed by Jordan Paris and Celebrity Trainer Steve Jordan.

Here’s How We Upgrade Your Surf Performance In 17 Days

Balance Training

Balance is the single most important surfing skill. SURF FIT™ challenges your balance demands so that you have quicker reaction times, the ability to dynamically stabilize joints, and in turn, upgrade your surfing.

Core Training

SURF FIT™ trains integrated core movements to improve balance and improve your ability to stabilize and transmit movements throughout the body.

Shoulder + Back Training

Paddling is exhausting! Durable shoulders and a strong back are essential for robust paddling. SURF FIT™ is heavy in shoulder and back training.

Endurance Training

Stay out there longer. SURF FIT™ prepares your body for long periods of energy production with high intensity circuits and conditioning days.

Surf Training

SURF FIT™ incorporates unique exercises that closely emulate surf movements so you can take your training with you when you surf. SURF FIT™ trains movements that matter.

UNDER 30ᵀᴹ x FITᵀᴹ Philosophy

Celebrity trainer Steve Jordan combines his FIT™ philosophy with Jordan’s UNDER 30ᵀᴹ philosophy.

"Great workouts, better than 8fit. I feel better on the waves, good job!!"
Jérôme D.
  • 17 days, 12 SURF FIT™ sessions
  • Upgrade your surf performance
  • Videos attached to each exercise
  • Performance and progress-tracking online portal software (1 month of access)
  • On-the-go smartphone app
  • Printable workouts
  • Tracking tools
  • UNDER 30ᵀᴹ Philosophy
  • FIT™ Philosophy
  • Movement that matters



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