Relationships Are the Best Insurance Policy Money Can’t Buy

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Relationships with people who know, like, and trust you are the best insurance policy money can’t buy.

Waiting until you need relationships is a bad plan because, by then, it’s too late.

When times get tough, and they inevitably do for all of us, you need to be able to shoot off texts and have people ready and willing to come to your aid.

When you need something and reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in years, that’s a bad look and you’re not likely to get any help.

Where were you when they needed something? Where were you when they didn’t need anything?

We see this with some multilevel marketers. Someone you haven’t spoken to in years says, “Hey! Do you know anyone that wants to generate more income?”

I see this with people reaching out to be on my show without building any kind of rapport

As Jordan Harbinger teaches, the antidote is to build social capital by digging the well before you’re thirsty.

Dig the well before you’re thirsty = build rapport before you ever have to ask for something (if ever)

Relationship development is perhaps the most important thing anyone can do, and Jordan lays out several strategies that you can do to build social capital now on episode 131 of Growth Mindset University.

Is there a better insurance policy than relationships?


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