Read Fewer Books

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Read fewer books.

In 2018, I took part in this reading challenge by Goodreads.

I tracked every book I read.

After finishing books, I would mark them as done in the app.

It became like a game to me.

And I was running up the score.. all the way up to 31 books finished by the time 2018 was over.

After that, I decided to stop tracking how many books I read. Here’s why:

1. Once I was around page 30-40, I couldn’t wait to finish the book so I could run up the score and move on to the next. Reading became less enjoyable.

2. I was not getting much out of the books because (a) I tried getting through the books as fast as I could with little regard for comprehension and (b) I did not take the time to apply what I learned.

So, now I read fewer books.. but more deeply.

I take my time. No “speed reading.”

Sometimes I read books two or three times.

Sometimes I listen to it on Audible then read the physical book.

Sometimes I take notes.

And I’ve made the transition from voracious consumer of self-help/business books to actually applying the principles I’ve learned in my business every day. For this reason, I read far less than I did a few years ago, but my results in business and life have been far more favorable.

So, read fewer books, but more deeply.

Which books have you read twice?



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