Neutrality is the Enemy

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Neutrality is the Enemy

People want everyone to like them…

So they stay neutral and optimize for everyone with the hope that everyone will like them.

People write books for everyone.

People try to market to everyone.

But if you try marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.

If you’re neutral, nobody talks about you.

People are “ehh” about you. That’s the response you get by staying neutral. “He’s ehh. She’s OK.” Middle of the road. Average.


I say outlandish things that I believe in and are totally me and I’m not afraid to break social rules…

And I turn off plenty of people, sure. But I turn on a whole lot more.

By not staying neutral, by picking a side, you FIND YOUR TRIBE.

Draw your line in the sand.

Hone in on you to find where you truly belong… and if you’re yourself, you’ll find it a lot faster.

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  1. I call that standing up for what you believe in or commitment to your principles. Many people are hesitant to make their political views known b/c other people will not agree and dislike them. I believe they will respect you more for speaking out and if not who cares.

    1. Yes, a commitment to principles. I believe having the courage to speak garners more respect as well.

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