Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris is a podcast host,  entrepreneur, and author featured in Forbes,  Entrepreneur, and other publications.

The Jordan Paris Show

About The Podcast

Jordan’s first podcast, Growth Mindset University, was ranked #6 in Apple’s Self-Improvement category, #3 in the Training category, #5 in the How-To category, and #15 in the ultra-competitive Education category. On the show, Jordan interviewed some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, authors, and other influential thought leaders.

Then, Growth Mindset University evolved into The Jordan Paris Show, where he discussed current affairs.

For now, the podcast has taken a backseat as Jordan builds his business.

About The Business

Jordan is the founder of Trend Up Media, an agency specializing in lead generation through conversational artificial intelligence.

About The Books

Growth Mindset University + The Podcast Playbook

Jordan has written two books thus far in his young career; a general self-help book titled Growth Mindset University (2018) and a winning game plan for podcasters titled The Podcast Playbook (2020). The latter was a #1 New Release and best-seller on Amazon for over four weeks.

About The Mindset

His approach to life and business is simple yet powerful: Don’t make a living, design a life. With this creator’s mentality, Jordan has been able to produce outstanding results for himself and challenge others to rise above circumstances, break the mold of society, and take control of their lives.


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"Jordan Paris is making waves in the entrepreneurship community."

Dr. Mark Goulston

"Jordan brings out the best in people and in my case it was a best I didn’t know I had."

Carrick Felix

Carrick Felix

"You're genuine, you're humble, you're who you say you are. It's amazing to see someone like yourself do something like this. You inspire me to move forward and do what I need to do."