Humans As A Multiplanetary Species with Naveen Jain

Billionaire Naveen Jain | Life On the Moon, Making Chronic Disease a Choice, and Creating a World of Abundance

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A single asteroid wiped dinosaurs off this planet.

Who’s to say that another asteroid can’t wipe humans out?

It is bound to happen at some point.

Naveen Jain, my guest on Growth Mindset University and the founder of Moon Express (the first private company with permission to travel beyond earth’s orbit) points out that the planet will be just fine if and when another asteroid strikes.

When the dinosaurs were wiped out, the planet did quite well, so well that it created humans.

The question, then, is will we be fine?

Would you put all of your assets into a single investment? No, that’s reckless. To have a well-diversified portfolio is a smarter, safer strategy.

In the same way, to save humanity from potential extinction, would it be smart to keep everyone on one planet? Probably not. We should spread out.

If we don’t wish to go extinct from an asteroid, we should think about becoming a multiplanetary species and perhaps live on the moon or Mars.

Interested in how living on the moon would work? Hear my full conversation with Naveen Jain on the Growth Mindset University podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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