How to Sell Without Asking with Josh Steimle (Video)

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Someone in my inbox selling me:

“Hi! Thanks for the connection, I’m delighted to have you in my network. If you’re interested in what we do and how we help build additional leads for our clients feel free to drop me a message or head over to (website) for a bit more background to what I do daily.

Looking forward to possibly working with you.”

I’m not interested in what she does and I’m not looking forward to working with her because I don’t have time for phone calls with strangers and I likely generate leads better myself anyway.

Plus, how do I know she is any good? I don’t.

What if, for a change, this person put out content every week with tactics on how to get more leads to grow your business?
Blogs, podcasts, social posts, case studies with measurable results, genuine offerings for help w/ no strings attached in my DMs
What if, over time, I and others took a liking to the above content and, because she led with value and education, we now trust her immensely and know she gets results.

We know that for every dollar we spend with her, she is going to get us X amount of leads and generate us X dollars in revenue.

Does this change things? You bet.

People will now come to her.

Today’s guest on the Growth Mindset University podcast, Josh Steimle, knows this well.


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