How to Make a Cake with Cement

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Wake up. Read or watch the news. Check your phone. Fill up on emergencies, favors asked, terrorism, arrests, suicides, murders, wars, and the like.

Then go about your day and see how miserable you are.

This is how you make a cake with cement. It won’t taste good. When you fill up with garbage, your life will be garbage.


Wake up (perhaps 20 minutes earlier). Read 15 pages of a good book. Listen to an uplifting podcast. Learn something new. Fill up on knowledge, insight, strategy, purpose, joy, excitement, and zest.

Then go about your day and see how happy you are.

This is how you make a cake with, well, sugar and flour, the way a cake is supposed to be made. When you fill up with sweets, your life will be sweet.

It’s all about the ingredients here.


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Read Fewer Books

Read fewer books. In 2018, I took part in this reading challenge by Goodreads. I tracked every book I read. After finishing


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