How to Eat Healthy and Never Cheat

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Eating healthy and never cheating is so easy it’s not even funny. Apart from a few tremors in my diet this summer, I have almost never cheated in the past two years (almost to a fault). All of my friends will vouch for me on this.

How do I do it, though?

Very simple. It all starts with this one fact:

I don’t have any more willpower than the average person.

I know this is a fact because whenever I have junk food in the house or anywhere near me when I am hungry, I eat it most times. So, I optimize my environment to set myself up for success. I simply don’t keep junk food in the house.

Instead of burdening myself with the daily decision of, “gahhh I know I shouldn’t eat this .. but should I today?,” all I need to do is make ONE good decision per week–in the grocery store, to buy or not to buy. Making one decision per week is much easier than making a decision three time per day, 21 times per week.

If you can win in the grocery store, then you win the week. If you let the junk food get to your pantry, then you’ve already lost because you’re willpower ain’t all that.

I don’t go out to eat because it’s twice as expensive as doing it yourself and it’s almost never healthy, and I am fully capable of making ONE good decision per week.

One good decision per week, which optimizes your environment and sets you up to win the week.

“Well, Jordan, is it really that easy?”

Yes, it’s that easy!!! Where else would you start?!?

And as my great friend Steve Jordan says, don’t bullshit yourself. You know what’s healthy. You can take control of your health whenever you choose to do so.

p.s. if you don’t know what’s healthy, I have a handy dandy free resource for you that tells you everything to eat and everything to avoid with reasons WHY, if you click this.


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