How to Become a Rockstar Podcaster

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When people tell me they listened to an early episode of Growth Mindset University, I cringe.

I’ve considered deleting the episodes because I am that embarrassed by them.

However, I figured things out along the way, growing as I was going.

Today, Growth Mindset University is ranked on 40+ charts worldwide and in the US, including #15 in the US in one of Apple’s most competitive categories (Education), #3 in Training, and #7 in How-To.

I’ve hosted Mark Manson, James Altucher, Jordan Harbinger, Naveen Jain, & Dan Lok.

But there is still so much I wish I knew when I started The Show that would have saved me time, money, and embarrassment.

This is why I created my brand new course, How to Become a Rockstar Podcaster (it’s free).

In this course is all the inside secrets about building a business around your #podcast that you won’t find anywhere else.

Among many things, including all of the tools I use, you’ll learn how to monetize a podcast without ads.

Why is this a free course? I’m not entirely sure since those around me said I should be charging multiple hundreds of dollars for this course considering its content. In fact, I myself believe I should charge a pretty penny for what I’m about to give you, but I’ll keep it a free course … for now.


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