How Successful People Answer “What Do You Do?”

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When people ask what you do, how do you answer that?

I got this question from Tim Ferriss. I love asking it to people, especially my wildly successful guests on Growth Mindset University.

After asking this question many times, I’ve noticed that the most successful people are the most humble when answering this question, and vice versa.

The unsuccessful, unconfident person will often feel the need to exhibit performance behaviors to close the inferiority gap that they feel is between them and the rest of the world. Chief among these performance behaviors are making it seem like they are more successful and wealthier than they really are.

The successful person will often paint a broad picture of what they do. “I work in _____.”

For example, when I asked Matt Nelson (a 22-year-old with tens of millions of followers and an online business that generates 5-figures in revenue each month) this question, he said he tells people “I work in social media.”

In the past, I have tended to exhibit performance behaviors, but I am continually improving. Now, I tell people, “I work in digital marketing.”

Why keep it brief? Because, no matter how successful you are, it is more impactful when the other person realizes it for themselves as opposed to hearing you or I brag about it.

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