How I Broke Out of My Shell and How You Can Too

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Nothing captures the essence of my teen years better than this post on my Facebook Wall 8 years ago:

“TBH… u go to my camp and u dont talk at all. but otherwise ur relly nice.”

And the ironic part is that now I talk for a living!

Thanks to Vanessa Van Edwards for literally teaching me how to talk to people!

How I went from wallflower to a social butterfly (when I want to be one lol) and how you can too:

Awareness: ID the problem and know you need to change

Learn: Seek out resources from people who ought to know

Test: Test what you’ve learned out in the field that is life

Lifestyle: Get your lifestyle in check. Perhaps your awkwardness is a symptom of a larger problem (drinking, money, etc.). If your life is a mess, your interactions and relationships will also be a mess.

Dress to impress: Look good, feel good

Say it: Stop second-guessing yourself and just say it

Own it: See the way people treat you as largely flowing through you; you can control it

Relax: You don’t need to be “on” all the time
It’s funny that many people assume I am an extrovert nowadays. Not true.

I’m still very much an introvert… most of the time.

The only difference between Jordan Paris 2012 and Jordan Paris 2020 is that I now have the ability to switch into extroversion on a dime, which makes me an “ambivert.”

Are you an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert (both)?

Download my “How I Went From Wallflower to Social Butterfly” PDF for free:


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