Is Fruit Making Us Fat and Causing Disease?

Fruit makes Us Fat

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Public Service Announcement: Fruit is not a health food. 

Our ancestors ate fruit when it was in season (once per year, in summer) mainly to fatten themselves up for the winter, when calories would be harder to come by.

Now, fruit is available to us year-round. This infinite availability is making us sick and overweight.

Some might say that the sugar in fruit is “natural”, and that makes it healthy. Unfortunately, this is a myth because sugar is sugar and the fructose in fruit sends a chemical message to your genes and brain to store fat for the “winter”.

Fruit and Cancer:

Cancer cells generate ATP (cellular energy) through sugar fermentation, and they need 18x the amount of sugar compared to normal cells to be able to grow and divide¹.

What’s more?

Cancer cells prefer to ferment sugar in the form of fructose². So, if you or someone you love has cancer, you can starve these cells by eliminating fruits and shifting metabolism to ketones (cancer cells cannot grow when your metabolism shifts to ketones as a source of fuel, as they are designed to feed off glucose for growth)³.

Fruit and your Kidneys:

Fructose in fruit causes your kidneys to swell and suffer injury, which can ruin them⁴.

Next time you want to be “healthy” by eating a platter of fruit, you might as well reach for the skittles instead because it’s similar crap.

But really, eat vegetables, or anything on my list of acceptable foods from my LIFE Diet, which I offer at no cost to you just for being awesome.

Bottom line: Give fruit the boot, my friends. Do it for your health.


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To maximizing health,

Jordan Paris, NASM CPT

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