Don’t Ride the Highs Too High nor the Lows Too Low

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Don’t Ride the Highs Too High nor the Lows Too Low

Jordan Paris

This is one of my happy moments.

I would be lying if I said this is me all the time.

We are so rarely photographed in moments of despair.

I haven’t had a picture taken of myself while crying in nearly two decades, but I still cry.

Sometimes life is difficult.

It seems like everything is going wrong all at once.

But those moments come and go.

Sometimes life is good.

Everything is going right.

People are going out of their way to do things for you.

You feel like your on top of the world, like you can do anything.

These moments, too, come and go.

But, as I’ve done more and more inner work and personal development on myself over the years, I have found that the tough moments become fewer and farther between, and the happy moments are becoming increasingly prolonged.

This picture was taken on Friday. Last night, Monday night, I felt like I hit a low point in life and even business. I felt like a complete loser.

I wondered, “Why am I even trying?”

The feeling sucks, the worst ever, like I want to crawl away and hide, perhaps in some foreign country where there is less pressure (yes, for real).

Again, life is not pure enjoyment all the time, but life is here for us to enjoy as much as we can.

Don’t ride the highs too high nor the lows too low.

Enjoy the gift of today.

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