Building a Lifestyle is Cumulative – Consistency Over Intensity

Consistency Over Intensity

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You can’t go to the gym for 10 hours one day and get into shape. But, if you go to the gym for 20 minutes every day, then you will absolutely get in shape.

If you go to the dentist twice per year and that’s all you do, then you’re teeth will fall out. You have to brush your teeth twice every day. But what does brushing your teeth for just 2 minutes do? The answer is nothing unless you do it every morning and every night. It may be hard to measure the effect of a single brushing, but we know 100% that it matters and it works. I know with 100% certainty that if you workout every day then you will get in shape. I know with 100% certainty that if you eat right every single day then you will be a healthier person.

Going to the gym for 10 hours is an act of intensity, but it’s the acts of consistency that actually do nothing in the short run that make the biggest difference in the long run. The essence of creating high-quality character is consistent actions coupled with accumulation. Doing the right thing even when nobody is watching may do nothing in the short run, but when the effects of this small act compound every day over a long period of time, it really means something; it’s what separates people of the utmost character, and who are regarded by others as such, from average people.

Buying flowers on Valentines Day and remembering birthdays is not what makes people fall in love, it’s the little things the other person does on a daily basis that make you fall in love.

And once you’re in shape, healthy, or have fallen in love, you have to keep doing these little things consistently to at least maintain what you have.

Nobody goes to the gym once and is fit for life. Heck, nobody goes to the gym every day for 5 years and is fit for life after that.

Once you’re married, it’s not endgame; you can’t just stop doing the things that made your partner fall in love in the first place. The marriage will fail if this happens.

People always ask me why I don’t have just one piece of candy, one piece of pizza, one cheat meal, go out with friends just once and get something “normal” instead of a salad with no dressing. What’s going out and eating some pizza going to do to me? The answer is nothing. But that’s not the point.

Building a lifestyle is cumulative; everything you do counts and moves you closer to your goal. Consistency is needed to achieve anything in life.

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Onward and upward,

Jordan Paris, NASM CPT

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