Why You Shouldn’t Listen to What People Say About You Online

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If someone says something bad about you online, who cares?

It’s not like they are talking about the real you anyway.

They’re talking about the few paragraphs you wrote or the picture or video you posted.

They don’t even know the real you.

They merely made a judgment about who you are from how that post portrays you. Take their judgments as a grain of salt.

And the great thing is that if too many people are responding negatively to you online, then you can always change up how you are portraying yourself.

We all choose what to show people and what not to show people online. We are masters of impression management. It’s within our control. Don’t like the reactions? Switch it up.

By the same token, if people are raving about you and praising you excessively online… take that as a grain of salt too.

Because, again, they don’t know the real you.

They judged you not by who you really are but by what you decided to say in your post.

No matter how positive or negative, take what people say about you on the internet as theory, not fact.


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