Jordan Paris

2018: Year In Review

I want to say 2018 was the best year of my life, but I fear that I am falling prey to the effects of the

Jordan Paris

This Is Why I Do What I Do

This is why I do what I do. Share this episode with your friends on Facebook Connect with me on Instagram with @J_Paris_ and @_Jordan_Paris_ as well as LinkedIn

Neutrality is the enemy

Neutrality is the Enemy

Listen to this post People want everyone to like them… So they stay neutral and optimize for everyone with the hope that everyone will like

Dr. Joel Kahn

Dr. Joel Kahn on Eating Too Much Protein, Heart Health, and Longevity

Learning objective: Understanding arterial age and how to prevent and reverse heart disease.

Talking points:
1) What causes heart disease
2) How big a problem is it
3) How is it diagnosed early
4) How is it prevented
5) Role of diet
6) Role of lifestyle
7) Role of supplements
8) What accelerates aging
9) Why we’re having way too much protein
10) The case for veganism
11) What happens when you are on an all meat diet

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How to Write a 184-Page Book In 29 Days (15 Small Steps, No Guesswork)

2) Write down all of the talking points you intend on covering throughout the book – This gives you clarity, and many of these talking points will become your chapter titles, headings, and subheadings.
3) Write out a rough table of contents. This is by no means final. Do the introduction last.

How to Create a Badass Website with WordPress

How to Create a Badass Website with WordPress

A website is the centerpiece of any brand, so it is vitally important to have it done right since a poor website can be a liability more than anything else.

In this short clip, you’ll learn to use the same powerful open-source software used by the White House, Mercedes-Benz, Vogue, Time Magazine, Usain Bolt, Snoop Dogg, Microsoft, and many of the largest companies in the world.



I’ve always believed that if you have the opportunity to do something amazing with your life, you should take someone with you. And I want to take YOU, my friend. I want to share hope, inspiration, good health, and fulfillment with you. Let’s rise together.

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