Beware of the Trap

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Beware of the Trap

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” —Ernest Hemingway


I understand that you were just getting into the thick of things, but I do need to stop you here for a few seconds because, unfortunately, this stuff ain't free, although I wish it was (but I have 2 cool stories as to why it's not!).

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No, not that talk! But hey, really, we gotta talk. You see, I write these awesome blog posts/articles/journals/relatable life shit. They are lovely, digestible, and full of candid self-humiliations and valuable gold nuggets because I read a lot, so I compress my years of reading into bite-sized snacks that you can eat in usually 1-2 minutes flat. Sometimes, though, I like to talk about specific challenges that my readers are going through, extremely actionable business advice, line-drawing controversial topics, writing/blogging tips, and super deep stuff that the general public can't handle.

However, you can access this radically awesome stuff yourself; you just have to be a subscriber. Here are some of the things you'll gain access to:

  • All exclusive posts on this site, including this one.
  • The unreleased audiobook of Growth Mindset University (coming August 2018)
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  • Audio versions of each blog post (read by yours truly)
  • ALL health and fitness programs ($170 value)
  • All future health and fitness programs (2 new ones coming this year)
  • Sneak peeks at whatever new radical awesomeness I am brewing up (i.e. new books)


No, it's still not that one, but almost. You see, men do not appreciate women that fall right into their laps. The dream of most men is to sit back, and with no effort, have a woman (or women!) be "down" for him. In theory, this sounds great. However, the reality is that we don't appreciate what simply falls into our laps. So, life makes men work (really hard) for women. Life doesn't just give us what we want. This isn't because life is cruel though, it's because it knows we don't appreciate what falls into our laps. Instead, life makes us get up and work, then we (sometimes) get what we want. I learned this from, yes, experience, but also from a very wise teacher.

Put differently: A friend of mine named Russell Brunson describes in one of his books how his wrestling coach gave him all the tapes he had of himself wrestling as a young stud. Coach handed them over, then told Russell to give him all the money in his wallet for them. This wasn't because the coach was a greedy piece of shit, but because he was a damn good coach! Coach knew that Russell wouldn't appreciate, study, and learn from the tapes if he had gotten them for FREE. Well, Russel did give Coach all his money, and you can bet he watched all the tapes and became a damn good wrestler because of them. This is the power of investment.

In the same way, I'm not asking you to give up a super small amount of money because I'm a greedy bastard, but because I want to be a damn good teacher because that can result in your best self and our best world. At the core, I need to qualify you as a committed student of life.

Also, I'm an independent writer with a badass website that isn't cheap to maintain, and that brings 3 options: 1) Place ads on the site, 2) Be broke, or 3) Pray that readers are appreciative and generous. Well, I refuse to place ads on this site, and I'd rather not be broke and hungry, so that leaves one logical option. Let's keep a good thing going.

So, please support my life's purpose of writing, and yourself by becoming a qualified and invested student of life.

What do you say, amigo/a?

"please support. the human's dreams. so that he. can play with me. more often."

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