Am I Racist for Being Against Black Lives Matter As An Organization?

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In the past week, I released an episode of Growth Mindset University with a rapper named Zuby on the insidious truth about “Black Lives Matter” (the organization, not the statement).

I posted all sorts of content to promote the episode too. See below:

Listen to the episode and check out the content linked above. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything I said that is racist because, for one, I am not racist, and two, none of what I said is racist. Perhaps there are some who will read malice into what I said or wrote, but that’s their problem, not mine.

Still, I had a feeling that the democratic socialists/”woke” social justice warriors would think I am racist.

Why? Well, only because they disagree with my politics, of course (or so my theory goes).

So, I decide to test my theory.

I poll my Instagram followers on my story:

“After the episode and content I released with Zuby this week… Do you think I am racist? Yes or No.”

My friend warns, “you might not like the results.”

I’m good, I thought. If they vote yes, my theory is correct, which is kinda funny. If they vote no, then nobody thinks I’m a racist, which is obviously a great thing.

So, I post the poll.

Vote #1 is from someone I know to be liberal. She votes no (you are not racist). Great start.

I check again: 11 votes for yes (you are racist), 5 votes for no (you are not racist).

Someone who voted no messages me, “Holy shit… hopefully that current ratio is just because of a small sample size.” At this rate, I hope so too.

Then I caught on to something funny. Out of the 11 who voted yes (you are racist), all 11 of them are from the same friend group.

In December of 2019, I went on my birthright Israel trip. It’s a free trip to Israel for those who are Jewish and under the age of 26 or something like that.

I had the time of my life in Israel with 45+ people who were my same age.

There was, however, a small cliquey group that comprised almost 1/3 of the 45+ that all knew each other from childhood and decided to make the trip together. They were very standoffish and few outside the group ever interacted with them. Still, I respected them and had a few positive interactions with them.

Fast forward half a year, as I’m looking at those who voted yes to “do you think I am a racist?” … I notice that every last one of them is from that same cliquey friend group. I stand there, amazed, and burst into laughter, eager to tell those around me how my experiment was shaping up thus far.

It gets better, though: I notice that many of them voted twice. I immediately shared this new development on my story. Have a look…

Alli Torf voted with both of her accounts. Ethan Bernstein voted with both of his accounts and his dog’s account. A few, like “peanutpreej” and “pics_sak”, must belong to some of the members of that group because, out of the small number of people that follow those accounts, the people who voted yes follow those accounts.

I figure that Sammy Fogel must have texted the group chat with all his friends saying, “vote yes on Jordan’s poll.”

I put the phone down, walk to the beach, and do a little skim-boarding and swimming. There’ a beautiful sandbar in the ocean, It’s a wonderful day.

I come back, check the poll again, and notice that 5 more people voted yes.

Shocker: they are all from the exact same friend group. We’re up to 16 fake votes (consider the voting fraud on such an inconsequential and low stakes poll like the one I posted… and we think there won’t be mass voter fraud if we do the 2020 presidential election by mail?)

At this point, my hunch about Sammy texting his friend group is confirmed. As if that wasn’t enough information to make the determination, Sammy sends me a sweet, kindhearted message after seeing on my story that I am on to him: “Go fuck yourself assclown” (no response from me, by the way).

Sammy Fogel, I love you.

4 more votes roll in. Same friend group. Up to 20 fake votes now.

Then, Sammy Fogel says, “would love to come on the pod and talk about my viewpoint but you don’t seem interested in free speech, so…”

Ha! Deleted from my requests. Again.

Others from that friend group message me too. Their own little “woke” mob is in full force going after me. I do not read the messages and merely delete them from my requests. I live rent-free in their heads and I don’t need any of their chilling mental issues and hatred to spill over into my life.

Then, 2 more votes show up. These gentlemen are not in the same friend group as the one we’ve been discussing. Though, they have been a couple for many years. Seeing those votes back to back, it is very clear that one of them told the other to vote yes on my poll. And in doing so, they, too, fell for my trap. Thanks, guys.

Another vote came in. It was a friend of mine who immediately apologized for accidentally clicking the wrong button.

When it was all said and done, 31% voted yes (you are racist). The 31% comprised of 20 fake votes from the same friend group, 2 votes from a couple, and 1 error.

Here’s what I have to say about all of this:

  1. As evidenced by the friend group that ganged up on me, these “woke” social justice warriors have so much pent up aggression and hatred in their hearts. Do not be fooled by their outward shows of love and virtuousness. It is a front, a complete lie.
    • Take this lesson from Robert Greene‘s Laws of Human Nature: generally, under the emphatic trait rests the opposite trait. For example: Someone who comes off as overly aggressive and threatens to “beat the crap” out of everyone is actually extremely insecure. Robert Greene himself used the example of social justice warriors being filled with hatred when talking on my podcast (check out the clip here).
    • Another interesting example: many male feminists end up being exposed as awful abusers of females. It’s almost like they are trying to compensate for their bad behavior.
    • Takeaway: Learn to question what people choose to show you outwardly because we are masterful actors. We are very good at showing the world only what we want them to see. In that way, we are very good at controlling the narratives around us. Think critically. Be a skeptic. Don’t always accept peoples’ outward appearances and words for reality.
    • Check out this one-paragraph excerpt in Robert’s book, The Laws of Human Nature, that covers precisely this: Deciphering the Shadow: Contradictory Behavior
  2. Just because I disagree with the insidious political agenda (Marxism) of the Black Lives Matter organization does not mean I am racist.
  3. Just because I am a republican does not mean I am racist.
  4. When you call everyone a racist just because they disagree with you politically, then nobody is really racist because the word racist eventually loses all its potency when it is overused the way it is today. It gets watered down. There are people who are actually racist who need to be called out as such, like the police officer who killed George Floyd. So, stop diluting the term.
    • An example of an already diluted term: Nazi. Nowadays, we call people nazis on the regular. When someone says to you, “he’s a nazi,” we think, ok, sure, he’s not really a nazi. The term nazi has been watered down.
  5. Being against Black Lives Matter as an organization does not mean I am against the immutable fact that black lives do, in fact, matter. If people cannot separate the organization from the statement, that is their problem, not mine.
  6. The founders of Black Lives Matter describe themselves as “trained Marxists” and they hate America. The money that gets donated to them finds its way to the Democratic Party, which is fine, but let’s be honest and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter is a political stunt that has hijacked the Democratic Party. Let’s not pretend that Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with politics because it has everything to do with politics. Notice how everyone who is a part of the movement says “get educated and go vote” often while using a hashtag like #DumpTrump. Thus, if someone is against the movement because they do not believe in the political ideologies of the Democratic Party, then that’s ok… and that doesn’t mean they are “racist” either.

For the most part, other than the clowns who said yes to my poll and a few people who try to convince me I am wrong (note to these people: please review principle #11 of How to Win Friends and Influence People) and/or lecture me about my “white privilege”, the outpouring of support from all walks of life has been outstanding.

Here are just a few showing their support:

As you can see, the most common thing folks tell me is how they themselves are afraid to speak up. These are the effects of cancel culture and the “woke” social justice warriors. Censoring is dangerous.

Cancel culture and SJW’s discourage critical thinking.

People used to value critical thinking.

Now, people are critical of thinking.

Cancel culture says: “If you do not go with our socially acceptable and morally virtuous opinion that we hold, then we’re going to cancel you. If you slip up just once or ever question us, we’re going to make your life hell by ensuring that you face major social and career repercussions.”

So toxic. So sad.

To all social justice warriors and anyone who has ever participated in canceling another person or brand: Sit down, stop embarrassing yourself, and quit your virtue-signaling. We know who you really are deep down.

I stand for the silent majority. I know it seems like nobody feels the way you do, but that’s just because we don’t kick and scream and cry about things on social media. Know you are not alone. Thanks for reading.

Catch my full conversation with Zuby at

p.s. if you enjoyed reading this and listening to my podcast with Zuby, then you’ll likely enjoy this short interview I did about the “woke” mob the other day. I uploaded it for you on my YouTube channel.

Get the best of the “woke” warriors


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