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You think you need to feel confident or motivated to get started on the dream of your life.

But you don’t, that’s a myth.

You just have to start.

Lying in bed just hoping that you wake up one morning with the motivation to change and to follow your dreams is not the answer.

You have to learn how to just do it.

You have to learn how to leverage the immense power of your decisions and you have to learn how to take action even when you don’t feel like it.

You just have to do it amidst all the doubt, uncertainty, and depression

Even with all the problems you are dealing with, you probably know what you want. You know you want to follow your dreams, be happy and be successful.

But there’s a difference between knowing and doing, and just knowing is not enough.

We can lay in bed at night and tell ourselves “Tomorrow, I’m going to meditate, exercise, read, make that phone call, and I won’t hit the snooze button.”

The morning comes and you hit the snooze button.

Unfortunately, we don’t make decisions based on our goals or with logic most of the time.

Rather, we make decisions based on how we feel in the moment.

Do we feel like getting out of bed? Probably not.

Do we feel like doing that fourth set of reps in the gym? Probably not.

Do we feel like ending that toxic relationship? Probably not.

Do we feel like making that follow up call after applying to a job? Probably not.

This problem is robbing us of our joy and we are completely oblivious to the fact that the way you change your life is one decision at a time.

Don’t even think about it, just do it.

The next time you hear that negative voice in your head that discourages you and gives you an excuse not to do something… just shut it off.

“No thanks, I’m good”

Then just do it.

If you leverage the power of decision, then you have the power to change any and every part of your life.

Don’t wait until you feel confident. Just do it.

And guess what?

Building a lifestyle is cumulative, so along the way, your brain will develop that confidence, motivation, and courage.

In moments of hesitation, we have great power because we have a decision to make: are we going to do the thing we know we should do or are we going make an excuse to put it off for “later”?

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Onward and upward,

Jordan Paris, NASM CPT


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