A Solution to the Student Loan Debt Crisis

debt and regret

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I’m not a fan of the education system right now.

I’m even less thrilled that 1 in 4 Americans (44.7 million people) owe an average of $37,172 just in student loans.

It is not uncommon for Doctors to owe in excess of $400,000.

No matter what happens, you can’t declare bankruptcy on student loan debt. Peoples’ social security checks are being taken because they have outstanding student loan debt.

We tell people at 18 years of age that you need a piece of paper to be successful and they have no idea about even the interest rates on the loans they are going to need to take out. 18 YEARS OLD… they’re brains are not even fully developed. This is borderline criminal.

This is a crisis and a bubble waiting to burst.

I applaud Purdue University for putting a new solution into action, which my guest on Growth Mindset University, Don Wettrick, talks about in the video below.

I am quite loud in voicing the problems around education and student loans on #LinkedIn and The Show. So, I hope you appreciate this forward-thinking solution, of which this entire episode is filled with.

Do you believe this “service contract” is a viable solution, or is it better to stick with the current methods?

Hear my full, forward-thinking conversation with Don Wettrick at https://JordanParis.com/ep128.


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