A List of What We Should Be Learning In School But Don’t

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A List of What We Should Be Learning In School But Don’t

College teaches us hardly anything of relevance in 2019.

Here’s what we should learn in school but don’t:

– Persuasion
– Human behavior and human nature
– Body language and all that has to do with being a talented communicator
– Human connection and vulnerability
– The psychology of relationships
– How to build a process-driven business/repeatable excellence
– How to run a small business
– Delegation + How to find the right people to delegate to
– How money works
– How to make money online
– How to travel the world while making money online
– The psychology of investing
– Understand true suffering by visiting a 3rd world country
– How to build good habits and break bad ones
– How to become more aware of our psychological blindspots
– Health and nutrition: what works and what doesn’t
– How to do nothing (Meditation? Yes and no)
– Storytelling
– Content marketing
– Internet marketing that is actually relevant in 2019
– How to shake a hand
– How to remember someone’s name
– How to build skills as opposed to memorizing (factual information is now irrelevant because we can look it up.)

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments here.

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