Month: August 2018

Ava Wettrick
Growth Mindset University Team

Education’s Shortcomings w 17 Year-Old Podcaster Ava Wettrick

Our guest today is a 17-year-old high-schooler recently seen in Forbes, the host of the MentorZ Podcast, and the founder of MentorZ Media. She has also had the pleasure of having conversations with some of the most influential human beings on earth: Tim Ferriss, Tom Bilyeu, Seth Godin, and many more.

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Jocelyn Kuhn
Growth Mindset University Team

5 Steps to Thrive Through Transitions w Jocelyn Kuhn

Jocelyn Kuhn is a professional coach, speaker, and author with a wealth of experience helping people thrive through life’s most challenging moments. Having been through some pretty significant transitions herself (death, divorce, career transitions, raising a family, etc.), she feels passionate about helping others through what can be a very scary time.

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The darkest hour of the night comes just before dawn
Growth Mindset University Team

Make a Promise to Never Give Up | Trust the Process

s you can see in the chart, at the beginning of June our podcast seemed to be dead in the water, with only 9 listeners over a span of 7 days … but we didn’t quit … and, as it turned out, the darkest hour (obscurity) came right before dawn (explosive growth).

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Jordan Paris

Wise Laziness

Geniuses are lazy. This is not a bad thing, however. Laziness is precisely what makes a genius, well, a genius.

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Anthony Ray Hinton
Life Enthusiasts
Jordan Paris

What Would It Profit Me to Hate?

Even after Anthony Ray Hinton was freed after being wrongly held on death row for 30 years, there was not an ounce of bitterness in him.

He says, “What would it profit me to hate?”

Good question, Ray, good question.

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