Month: July 2018

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8 Real Ways to Make an Impact Today

Today, in the 16th edition of the show, Chance Galloway talks to Jordan Paris about providing value to your family, friends, and peers alike. Jordan reveals his 8 real and practical ways to make an impact immediately. These impact practices (impractices?) are sure to gain influence as well as leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the day.

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twitter hate
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Jordan Paris

Be Worry, Don’t Happy

Somewhere along the way, someone got it mixed up, which is why we now have Twitter, the world’s largest cesspool of misery, hate, complaints, and worry.

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gangster vegan
Jordan Paris

Less Generic, More Specific

Gangster Vegan will likely never rank anywhere near the top for these keywords, perhaps not even the top 20 pages. It’s because these are generic keywords.
But guess what? If you type in “gangster vegan,” you’ll find them. In fact, they are the only result you’ll see for almost 10 pages. It’s because this is a specific keyword.

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