Month: July 2018

Life Brings Me Joy
Life Enthusiasts
Sharon Woo

Life Brings Joy

2018 has taught me that even the most logical, type A, and analytical people can feel free and spontaneous. It’s also taught me that no matter how much I try to plan what I want in life or the career path I want to go down, life changes for the better or worse (depending on how you choose to perceive it, because whether you look at the glass half empty or half full, you’re correct).

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Johnny Campbell Tedx
Growth Mindset University Team

The Art of Friendly Competition w TED Speaker Johnny Campbell

Johnny is a member of the Toastmasters Hall of Fame, Author, and the receiver of many speaking awards.

In the episode, Johnny talks about how finding and defining your enemy can light a fire inside of you to help you transition into your best self, build your best business, and live your best life.

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give freely
Life Enthusiasts
Jordan Paris

Give Freely

I give to others a ton, and I’m learning that I shouldn’t be keeping score when I give to others.

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what's the rush
Jordan Paris

What’s the Rush?

We can’t wait. When we’re showering, we think about getting dressed. When we’re getting dressed, we think about driving to

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