2 Ways to Find a Mentor

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2 Ways to Find a Mentor

2 ways to find a mentor:

Method 1: Don’t find a mentor, attract one. This is a long game.

1. Put yourself out there. Get in front of the camera multiple times per week to post one-minute videos on LinkedIn. Be a guest on podcasts. Create a podcast and bring on leaders in your industry.
2. Be different.
3. Be vulnerable.
4. Be consistent.
5. Build a life, not a resumé.
6. Plant seeds. Connect with leaders in your industry using LinkedIn’s search function. Message. Help. Don’t ask for anything. Dig the well before you’re thirsty. Treat everyone like they can get you a cover story on Forbes Magazine.
7. Commit to the long game. You won’t see results tomorrow, not the next day, not even next month. Rather, your results will begin to compound, and opportunities will be abundant.

Method 2: Find a mentor. This is a short(er) game.

1. Start a podcast.
2. Connect with your heroes. Comment on all their posts. Email them (use the Hunter . io chrome extension to find emails). Message them.
3. Dig the well before you’re thirsty.. build rapport before you go in for the ask, which is..
4. “Can I interview you on my podcast?”
5. Interview them. Continue the relationship. Identify an aspect of their business/social presence that you can help them improve. Tell them the plan.

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