15 Things to Do While Quarantined

15 Things to Do While Quarantined

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It is vital to the greater good of humanity that we practice social distancing to nip this virus in the bud!

Social distancing and quarantining might sound miserable, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, we can come out of it better. Take Sir Isaac Newton for example:

During the Great Plague of London in 1665 and 1666, Newton had to practice social distancing. It was during this time that he discovered calculus.

He was only a student.

He returned to Cambridge in 1667 with his theories.

He was made a fellow six months later, then a professor two years later.

We can do this.

But, while hope is important, hope itself is not a strategy.

So, here are 15 things to do while quarantined.

I forgot a few easy ones like taking a walk, playing board games, and taking time to think.

What would you add to the list in this document?



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