1 Year of the Growth Mindset University Podcast

Growth Mindset University podcast

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1 year ago today, I finished writing my book. The same day, I launched the Growth Mindset University podcast. Nobody batted an eye.

I announced it everywhere. Nobody cared.

Why should have people cared though? They shouldn’t have…

There was no reason to care; the episodes were terrible, it was just me droning on, and there was very little in my body of work up to that point in my life that would have indicated “this is going to be good.”

My aim was quite low in the beginning. I had plans to be average. I was fine with that.

Only a year later, the show has turned into something I never imagined.

I get to communicate with my heroes and share it with the world.

The show has consistently ranked in Apple’s education category, one of the most competitive categories of all, since November.

Thanks to David Meltzer, Rachel Starr, Kevin Rudolf, John Lee Dumas, Tiffany Pham, Don Wettrick, Chase Hughes, JT McCormick, Mark Bowden, Heather Monahan, Ron Malhotra, Quentin Allums, and so many more for making this show truly special. I love each of you.

Now it’s time to go to the next level, as I prepare for an interview with Mark Manson in five days, an in-person interview in front of a live audience with James Altucher next month, as well as interviews with Dan Lok, Evan Carmichael, Jordan Harbinger, Jason Feifer, and Ray Higdon.

Let’s do this.

Cheers, to a momentous year #2,


p.s. here is a collection of the best episodes 🙂


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